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This super awkward clip of Lindsey Graham doing something with his finger cannot be unseen

Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News this week where he was caught red handed doing, um, something with his finger.

The super awkward moment, which cannot be unseen, happened right after a commercial break on Laura Ingraham‘s show.

Graham was captured peering down at his index finger with a curious expression on his face, then looking up at the camera and uncomfortably smiling, before glancing off to the side to see if anyone else noticed.

Unfortunately for the senator, everyone noticed. And they’ve been circulating and recirculating the clip, as well as a GIF of the clip, on Twitter ever since.

Who knows what he had on his finger? Or why he was inspecting it so intently? Late night host Jimmy Kimmel put it best when he said Graham “seemed to get caught with his finger in the boogie jar.”

“He wasn’t picking his nose,” Kimmel joked after playing the clip on his show last night. “He was just in there searching for election fraud.”

Meanwhile, folx on Twitter had some other ideas…

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