Super Fan Couple Gets Matching Adore Delano Tattoos

A lesbian mermaid super fan couple got Adore Delano‘s signature tattooed on their arms after Adore made out with one of them during a live show at Voyeur Nightclub in Philadelphia. The couple, named Mel and Sherry, shared the above video on YouTube, which Adore shared on Facebook. The video description reads:

[quote]My wife of almost 5 years (on May 12th) and me went to Philly with our best friend on 4/25 for the Rupaul’s Drag Race Cast Party at Voyeur Night Club where we saw our FAVORITE QUEEN EVER, Adore Delano! I got to make out with her and the rest is history in the making…check out what we did the day after the show! We intend on adding an Adore Mermaid and some more designs to our tattoos when we save up enough, so this is just the beginning and it all started with an awesome autograph! ADORE, If you are watching this, we love you and thank you for being so amazing!”[/quote]

The couple says in the video that they decided to get the matching tattoos instead of wedding rings Now that’s what we call dedicated fans!

Adore Delano Tattoo Signature
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