Fireplace blues

Super-gay series ‘The Other Two’ teaches how to do the ‘Call Me By Your Name’

Drew Traver on

If you’re not watching The Other Two on Comedy Central, you’re missing out.

The hilarious series created by Saturday Night Live writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider centers on the lives of the two older siblings of a 13-year-old internet “celebrity.”

One of those siblings is played by Drew Tarver, whose character Carey is a struggling gay actor in Los Angeles — a rare bird, indeed.

Thursday night’s episode found Carey surviving a bad date. Processing the experience back at home, he did a full Call Me By Your Name.

No, not the peach — the fireplace.

Towards the end of the scene, which is delivered so deadpan it’s almost sad, you’ll hear the voices of Carey’s mother (Molly Shannon) and sister (Heléne Yorke).

Watch below:

And here’s a look into the world of Instagays from earlier this month that features Jimmy Fowlie:

In February, Comedy Central renewed The Other Two for a second season.