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These super sexy gay gamers are stripping down and geeking out

A gaggle of super sexy gay gamers from Mexico City are stripping down and geeking out for the world.

Carlo, Roberto, Alex, Dario, Jorge, Luis, and Edgar are a group of game lovers who have joined forces to create an Instagram page called “The Gaymers.”

Their goal is to share sexy shirtless snaps and, of course, their love of all things game-related.

“We always joke around,” founding member Dario Naderi tells Gay Star News. “It is a way to bring all of us much closer than we currently are.”

He continues, “We thought that it was a great idea to formalize our group due to our common interest in video games and also considering that we each have different personalities and skills.”

The guys recently produced a series of videos that allow fans to get to know each of them better, including their favorite video games, cartoons and animes, and even their superpowers.

“If you look carefully, you will notice that different objects and characters from video games, anime, series, and movies are displayed,” Dario says. “These objects and characters are the ones each one of the members cherish or like the most.”

Migthy strong ? ??? #sailorjupiter #sailormoon #tattoo

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Dario says the group is working on developing a YouTube channel, as well as creating a Facebook page.

Asked which of the gaymers are single, he replied: “Two gaymers are in a relationship, but not with any other of the members. The seven of us are just friends and it is likely to stay that way. Although…” he quickly cut himself off.

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