Supernatural actor Misha Collins appears to come out as bisexual


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Supernatural actor Misha Collins appears to have come out as bisexual. Collins, 47, who played the role of Castiel on the long-running CW fantasy drama from 2008 to 2020, appeared at ​​Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural Official Convention on Saturday.

During a Q&A with the audience, he asked them, “How many of you would consider yourself introverts? How many extroverts? And how many bisexuals?”

Collins added, “I’m all three.”

A video of his comments was shared on Twitter.

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Collins, who has been married to Victoria Vantoch since 2001 and has an 11-year old son and nine-year-old daughter with her, did not offer any more details. He joked, “See, it would have been weird if I just said: ‘By a show of hands, how many bisexuals are in the audience?’ But I’d rather do it as a questionnaire, that’s more socially acceptable.”

Several outlets have since run stories saying he came out as bisexual and Collins has not issued any further clarification or comment.

Besides Supernatural, Collins has had small roles in Nip/Tuck, ER and CSI. He currently presents the PBS show, Roadfood on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. He’s also a bestselling poet and is currently promoting his new audiobook, Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You.


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Collins’ character on Supernatural, Castiel, came out as gay in the show’s final season. Collins has previously spoken about how happy he was with the character’s development.

“I think Castiel’s ending on the show is really just what I would have wanted. I knew the ending that he was going to meet with for about a year, and I was really happy about it. And I’m still happy about it.

“I’m really curious to see how the audience responds to the end for Cas. But it feels important. It feels like it makes his arc on the show meaningful, not just in terms of the mythology of the show, but in terms of a message for the greater world and our particular moment in history. I’m very happy with it.”

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Collins, who has previously voiced support for LGBTQ rights, has a big following online, with 4.5million followers on Instagram.

His Twitter account has a pinned, viral tweet from 2020 of him appearing to eat a rainbow. Whether he was making an oblique reference to his Supernatural character coming out, or hinting to followers something about his own sexuality, is open to speculation.

UPDATE – 04.26.22

A few hours after this story was published, Collins issued a statement clarifying that he is not bisexual but is straight. He tweeted “I want to deeply apologize for misspeaking this weekend. At a fan convention in New Jersey, when I was talking with the audience I said that I was ‘all three’ things: an introvert, an extrovert and a bisexual.

“My clumsy intention was to wave off actually discussing my sexuality, but I badly fumbled that and understand that was seen as me coming out as bisexual.

“This was not my intention so I need to correct the record: I am not bisexual. I happen to be straight, but I am also a fierce ally and the last thing I want to do is falsely co-opt the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“I am deeply sorry for the clumsiness of my language. I want to be a better ally and I feel sick to my stomach that I might have done anything to make things worse. I’m trying to learn, trying to do better and I will keep listening. Thanks and I’m sorry, Misha.”