super losers

#SuperStraights are being trolled super hard on Twitter

People are super over the super transphobic “#SuperStraight” movement.

The cringey term cropped up on social media earlier this month. It was reportedly coined by Kyle Royce, who used it in a since-deleted TikTok video.

“Yo guys, I made a new sexuality,” Royce said, explaining that he’s “super straight” because he doesn’t date trans women as they’re “not real women.”

“You can’t say I’m transphobic now,” he reasoned.

Though the video has been removed from TikTok (Royce claims he took it down after receiving death threats, contracting COVID-19, and becoming homeless), it has been making the rounds on Twitter for the past couple of weeks.

A chorus of likeminded men now claim to identify as #SuperStraight and have been posting about their “super straightness” and why they’re not transphobic for believing trans women aren’t “real” women.

(For the record: They are transphobic.)

Unfortunately for them, nobody’s buying their bullsh*t. In fact, the #SuperStraights are being trolled super hard on Twitter right now.

Here’s what folx are saying about these #SuperLosers…

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.