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Supporters of Military Homos Knock on Commander-in-Chief’s Door

On Saturday, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network lead a “Uh, could you please repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” sort of demonstration in front of the White House, which, even if you’re an Obama apologist, you’ve gotta admit is pretty cool. Yes, this is the same SLDN whose own board member attended the DNC’s gay fundraiser, but we especially liked how they counted all the way up to the latest tally of dismissed gay servicemembers under Obama’s watch. So far: 270.

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  • Aaron Khan

    Two Hundred effing Sixty-Five… What a shame.

  • Fitz

    I read on the Advocate (which I admit is a pretty dubious source) that in the general population, the support for repealing DADT is like 68%. With #s like that, there can only be one reason Obama hasn’t issued a stop loss order: his own homophobia.

  • galefan2004

    People support both ENDA and DADT. People are coming around to our issues. The real reason for that is that more gay men are standing up and getting counted. It is pretty hard to make the argument, even as a conservative and even to yourself, that that gay guy that has done that job for you better than those straight guys you had in the past is not able to do the job. As they realize we can do the job and that we don’t bring our sex life (the part of us that scared them) to work with us, they start supporting our right to work in all aspects of society. We will eventually win our rights. We have the social standing not the bigots. It isn’t a matter of it it is a matter of when.

  • schlukitz

    So, what’s Obama waiting for, Christmas?

  • DuttyBarb

    Everyone supports DADT repeal. I mean, i dont want to go and die in Iraq but if someone genuinely wants to take the leap as a serviceman …hell i dont care if he is gay/straight/ trans.

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