Supreme Court Starts New Session


The Supreme Court must have been in a shit mood today as it embarked on a new term, because they refused to hear not one, but two gay-themed cases.

One case came from the Christian Civic League of Maine, which wanted to run an ad urging local politicians to vote for a gay-marriage ban. A federal court stopped the ad from running, but the group insists that they’re civil rights were violated, hence taking it to the Supreme Court. The Court said the ad, which the group had intended on running over the summer, was no longer applicable and tossed the case out.

The second – and far juicier – case involves an employee at a Texas sex shop who landed in the slammer after selling a dildo. Apparently, it’s illegal to have a dildo in Texas actually shaped like a penis. Who knew? The case rested on the infamous Lawrence v. Texas fight that increased citizens’ right to sexual privacy, namely anal sex.

But, it seems the court had something up their asses, because they were having none of it. Don’t worry, it’s not that they don’t like gay people. They also refused to hear the appeal of a former Nazi who wants his US citizenship back.