Supreme Court To Determine Fate Of Prop 8 And DOMA Cases

The Supreme Court will meet to discuss whether it will review American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER)’s federal challenge to Proposition 8, along with several challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act, at a private conference on Tuesday, November 20.

According to the AFER, the Court will either:

  • Grant review of our Prop. 8 challenge, at which point AFER’s legal team, led by distinguished attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies, will submit written briefs and present oral arguments by April 2013. A final decision on Prop. 8 and marriage equality is expected by June 2013.
  • Deny review, making permanent the landmark federal appeals court ruling that found Prop. 8 UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Marriage equality will be restored in California.

The Court is expected to release an Order List detailing its decisions on cases it has granted or denied review by Monday, November 26.