Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Gay T-Shirt Ban

Tyler Chase Harper’s lawsuit against his former high school, California’s Poway Unified School District, has officially come to an end. The boy sued after school administrators forced him to remove a shirt with “Homosexuality is shameful” on the front and “Be ashamed. Our school has embraced what God has condemned” emblazoned on the back side.

The United States Supreme Court upheld the school’s right to bar offensive t-shirts and, further, said that Harper can no longer challenge the dress code because he’s since graduated. The Los Angeles Times reports:

In an 8-1 ruling, the Supreme Court agreed with a federal judge that Harper lost his ability to challenge the policy when he graduated last year.

Last year, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed the policy to remain in effect pending the outcome of the lawsuit and sharply criticized the student’s challenge. The appellate judges said the T-shirt was “injurious to gay and lesbian students” and “collides with the rights of other students in the most fundamental way.”

Harper’s defense team insists that the school’s unjustly coming down on a Christisan perspective in favor of faggotry. The school, of course, insists this isn’t the case.

Cases like this come up every once in a while and we’re always torn on where we stand. On the one hand we don’t think such opinions of any social group belong in schools. But, then again, we’re very wary of any ruling that infringes on free speech. We’re stumped, really. So, readers, what’s your take on this matter?