blackmail bromance?

It sure seems like Putin must have that pee tape after all given what Trump just said about him

Despite Russia’s deadly unprovoked attacks on Ukraine, the bromance between ex-president Donald Trump and murderous dictator Vladimir Putin appears to be firmly intact.

During a 30-minute interview with Sean Hannity yesterday, Trump was given multiple opportunities to walk back all the praise he’s showered Putin with over the years, but he chose not to.

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“I think you also recognize he’s evil, do you not?” Hannity asked after bringing up how Trump called Putin “smart” for invading Ukraine.

“Well, I was referring to the fact that he said this is an independent nation, talking about Ukraine, and I said that this was before there was any attack,” the ex-president replied.

Later, Hannity asked, “When you got criticized for saying that Vladimir Putin is smart, we’ve had many conversations, and you’ve often quoted to me Sun Tzu, ‘The Art of War’. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Is that how you viewed Vladimir? Did you view Vladimir Putin and people like President Xi and Kim Jong Un and the Iranian mullahs as enemies that you needed to keep close?”

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To which Trump responded: “I got along with these people. I got along with them well. That doesn’t mean they are good people. It doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that I understood them and perhaps they understood me. Maybe they understood me even better? That’s OK because they knew there would be a big penalty.”

When Hannity brought it up a third time, Trump suggested that, had he been reelected in 2020, the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine never would’ve happened in the first place.

“Putin is for Russia, and you see what happened,” he said. “And that is all because they didn’t respect our leader. Look, there was nobody, and Putin will tell you this. If he was telling the truth, and I am sure he has told it to all of his inner sanctum, nobody was tougher on Russia than me.”

The only logical conclusion we can draw from all of this is that the “pee tape” Putin allegedly has of Trump must exist somewhere because it makes zero sense why he keeps kissing the Russian president’s ass every chance he gets.

Here’s what Twitter has to say about it…

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