Four hundred activists of all ilks converged in Topeka, Kansas, this weekend to protest Fred Phelps and his vilely anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. Said one “Million Fag March” participant, Angi Boetta: “We don’t agree with him talking about hatred and how God hates this god hates that… We’re just here to show him who we are and we’re not going away no matter what you say or do.” [Towleroad]

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  • joe

    When this loser finally croaks of old age. every Homo from every state should head down where ever this evil man is layed to rest. and party till dawn from across the street from the funeral home where His evil body is being kept. Ding Dong the Evil Witch is Dead.

  • -M-

    I’ll go and piss on his grave.

  • Maverick69

    I’ll shit on it.

  • Afroguapo

    To borrow a phrase from Charley, “White Jesus Pastors. Scary”

  • Jack Jett

    The guy who put this together deserves a shitload of respect for organizing such a march in the middle of Kansas.

  • paul

    or perhaps regardless of the vile things he has done to spread hatred, when he does dienore, we ignore it and show the same respect we are all saying everyone deserves

  • leomoore

    We should organize a mass march on his funeral when the creature dies. His funeral should be drowned out and overwhelmed by the protests. His family should be made to feel the same sense of degradation as they inflicted on so many others from veterans killed in Iraq to Matthew Shepherd. They are pollution in the gene pool.

  • Tony

    Careful! They have made funeral protest illegal in Kansas.

  • James

    Pissing on his grave works for me.

  • Death2Bigots from Youtube

    That second video in the link is so boooooring… Needs moar ‘Rick Roll’ and 4chan memes for the epic lulz. Taint their message with completely unrelated random things (Gawd Haetz Mudkipz?) and pieces from the Bible they wouldn’t possibly agree with, such as the story of Jepthah sacrificing his daughter in Judges 11:29-40. Or the part where it says Slavery is A-OK, 1 Peter 2:18. Here, have some of my parody signs (and no, I don’t really hate furries, but I think it would be hilarious if WBC tried to protest a Furry or Anime convention, it would make them look all the more retarded:

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