Surgeon General Nom. Avoids Trans-Inclusive Meeting

Controversial Surgeon General nominee James Holsinger’s causing even more drama.

The “good” doctor, who once wrote a Methodist-backed, distinctly homophobic paper called “Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality,” will not be attending a forthcoming meeting of the United Methodist Judicial Council, of which he’s president.

[Holsinger] is bowing out of a meeting of the United Methodist top court whose agenda includes dealing with the issue of a transgender pastor.

Holsinger, president of the United Methodist Judicial Council and a Kentucky cardiologist, said he will not participate when the council meets in San Francisco this week because of concerns his nomination could become a distraction.

As news of his absence spread, Holsinger released this hollow statement:

As is always the case, members of the Council will travel thousands of miles to attend this meeting and have spent untold hours studying and praying in preparation. In order to maintain the integrity of the proceedings of the Judicial Council and in order for Council members to focus solely on the cases in front of them, I have chosen not to participate in the meeting.

While I remain dedicated to fulfilling the role to which I was elected, I believe this is a time in which my service to the Council can best be demonstrated by my absence.

Wait, you’re backing out because of your nomination? Holsinger, we hate to break it to you, but your Surgeon General nomination probably weighs in a little less than God’s “word”.

But what do we know? We’re not doctors.