Good Taste

Surprise! Chick-Fil-A REDUCES Donations To Anti-LGBT Organizations


We’ve never been fans of Chick-fil-A’s weirdly sugary tasting chicken, but their newest move is going to be leaving a better taste in the mouths of LGBT peeps who’ve been boycotting the fast food joint.

After coming under fire the past few years for repeatedly donating to anti-LGBT causes and becoming a bit of a darling of the far-right loonies in the process, Chick-fil-A has apparently reversed course on their giving policies.

Think Progress did a little investigating into Chick-fil-A’s publicly available tax documents, and found that they have dramatically reduced the amount of donations they’ve given to anti-LGBT organizations, almost by 100 percent.

Between 2010 and 2011, Chick-fil-A’s corporate foundations increased their grants to anti-LGBT groups like the Marriage & Family Foundation and the National Christian Foundation, from $1.9 million to more than $3.6 million. Neither of these organizations received a penny in 2012, according to the foundations’ 2012 Form 990s, publicly available tax documents filed by non-profit organizations. The foundations’ overall spending was roughly even, meaning more of its efforts were focused on its own programs. But the drop from $3,623,938 to $25,390 in anti-LGBT donations represented a reduction of more than 99.2 percent.

The news is promising, but could be attributed more to corporate stinginess than anything else. Think Progress also notes that Chick-fil-A scaled back nearly all of its outside giving, so the anti-LGBT organizations were casualties of that. Still, we’d like to think that companies are finally realizing that giving to organizations that push hate is bad for business.

And we’ve always preferred the spicy Wendy’s chicken sandwich anyways.