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  • Darth Paul

    So, not much different from the US?

  • Lucansan

    “Another agent, showbiz veteran Harry M Miller, said he couldn’t see why stars should discuss their sexuality at all – because it’s nobody’s business. ”

    It’s funny that people would say this. Well, nobody should be going public about the kind of “sex” they have and its details, but should heterosexuals stop wearing wedding rings, or hide their spouses away, or be embarrassed of their offspring, or never talk about going to a “heterosexual” party or another event with their “heterosexual peers”?
    That’s a lame statement by Mr. Miller. No gay person should hide from society what a heterosexual – correspondingly – is deemed to be proud of showing, i.e. everything social that is indirectly built on top of his sexual identity.

  • Michael W.

    “When other Beijing medal-winners, such as Stephanie Rice and Libby Tricket, quickly got sponsorship deals and Mitcham didn’t, there was intense media speculation they wouldn’t touch him because he was openly gay. Mitcham looked genuinely saddened when discussing the matter.”

    No wonder Zac Efron refuses to come out.

  • alan brickman

    they say they’re afraid to come out because their teammates will beat them up or the fans will call them faggot…..but really it has always been about endorsement money…ok?? Matt rules!!

  • Sebbe

    I wish him continued success. I’m interested to see what he does after his swimming career.

  • mick

    He actually did get an offer in the beginning from Aussiebum, the swimwear company, but his team turned it down.

  • Gurlene

    So what was the excuse for Greg Louganis’ career going absolutely nowhere?

  • Devlin Bach

    I’m really proud of Matthew Mitcham. He is a courageous role model for us all.

  • Monica Roberts

    Why would it be so hard for JUST ONCE to show an African-American with ambiguous secondary sexual characteristics as your “hot trade of the day?”

  • Sebbe

    @Monica Roberts – Do you ever post about the topix at hand. If you have an issue with the editors maybe you should email them directly.

  • Z tickles


  • Darth Paul

    @Gurlene: Did divers really have many ‘career’ options before the mid-90s?

  • lydia

    i thinks its a very good thing for people to come out and show people who they really are because it doesn’t matter how you feel about the same sex. I think gay and lesbian relationships are very beautiful!!!

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