Surprise! Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s Approval Ratings Are In The Toilet

U.S. Representative Pence and Senator DeMint arrive for a news conference about their goal of permanently extending Bush-era tax rates at the Capitol in WashingtonThe bad news just keeps coming for Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

First, he was publicly ridiculed nationwide for signing a “religious freedom” bill last month allowing businesses the legal right to discriminate against LGBT people.

Now, a new poll conducted by Howey Politics Indiana has found that Pence’s job approval rating among voters has plummeted, standing at 45% approval to 46% disapproval. His favorability rating is even worse, standing at 35% favorable to 38% unfavorable.

Those are really awful numbers.

So why is this such bad news for the disgraced Republican governor?

Aside form the obvious (nobody likes being told they suck at their job), there are two main reasons: 1. Since the Howey Indiana Politics poll began in 2008, it has never seen such a dramatic decline in such a short period of time, and 2. Pence is up for reelection next year and he’s currently facing off against three potential Democratic gubernatorial challengers. So not only is this bad news for his own political future, but it’s bad for his party as a whole.

Word on the street had been that Pence was considering a 2016 presidential run. It looks like that dream has pretty much been shot to hell.

The moral of the story? Simple. Don’t be a bigot.

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