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Surprise: Maryland Republicans Don’t Want You Ruining Their Marriages


Most, but not all Republicans in the Maryland State Senate oppose same-sex marriage, a closed-door meeting of lawmakers there reveals. The GOP’s vote to take a formal position on the issue comes after Gov. Martin O’Malley and Democrats in both chambers — which maintain supermajorities — plan to have their state become America’s sixth to let gays marry.

(Remember around this time last year, when Maryland’s Democrats were punting on the issue, and Equality Maryland was letting them?)

“We met that threshold” to officially denounce same-sex marriage legislation, says Senate Minority Leader Nancy Jacobs. “The caucus expects extensive debate on this bill and we look forward to discussions of why so many Marylanders are passionate about this issue.” Jacobs, of course, has the job Allan Kittleman used to have — until he stepped down because he was too liberal of a Republican for his colleagues. But does GOP input really matter? After all, Maryland’s Dems control both chambers and the governor’s mansion, and if they’re truly committed to legalizing same-sex marriage, opposition from Jacobs & Co. is a mere formality.

Now let’s watch Ms. Jacobs talk about how she was able to build her family, because the law doesn’t discriminate against she and her husband.