Surprise! More Russian Persecution of LGBTs in Leadup to Olympic$


In what has to be the least surprising turn of events since Napoleon discovered Russia to be a tad chilly, Russian officials revealed they’ve been spying on LGBT groups, secretly recording meetings in order to discredit civil rights campaigns.

This week state media broadcast a “documentary” that paints gays and lesbians pretty much as you’d expect: as a threat to the country created by Western agitators.

Of course, the Olympic Committee immediately condemned the act. Hahaha, no, just kidding, they don’t care. They’ve got more important i$$ues to worry about.

It’s clear that Russian LGBT organizers are getting frustrated with the whole Olympics situation. Russian state propagandists played one secretly-taped conversation, in which the civil rights advocates discussed their exasperation with sponsors who refuse to take a stand on the state-sanctioned persecution.

Meanwhile a group of HIV/AIDS organizers were just attacked with air guns and baseball bats in St. Petersburg and the police did nothing. The Sochi games are in early February, are almost certain to provoke more anti-gay violence, and are sponsored by Coca-Cola, Dow, GE, Panasonic, McDonald’s, and Visa.

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