Surprise! Pat Robertson Defends Chris Broussard’s Anti-Gay Remarks On ESPN

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 3.55.24 PMInsane television personality Pat Robertson used his 700 Club soapbox yesterday to offer his own two cents on the recent anti-gay remarks made by ESPN reporter Chris Broussard during a live discussion about Jason Collins.

After Collins came out in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated on Monday, Broussard appeared on Outside the Lines to “report” his opinion on the matter: that living a homosexual lifestyle is “an open rebellion to God and Jesus Christ.”

ESPN was quick to issue an apology on behalf of Broussard. Broussard twiddled his thumbs.

Pat Robertson (surprise!) agrees with Broussard, and told 700 Club viewers that “fornication is a sin, and “somebody that says that that kind of conduct is sinful is now being pilloried in the press. He’s telling the truth! This is what the Bible says!”

He continued:

“You can’t tell them if they want to go to hell or heaven, that’s their business. But don’t tell somebody that he can’t speak specifically about what the Christian faith says about certain conduct. There isn’t anything bigoted about that.”