Surprise: Readers of Gay Men’s Magazines Prefer Cute Models to Homophobic Party Leaders

If only there were a nugget of wisdom to pull from this live experiment in market research: “In a litmus test of the Tory leader [David Cameron’s] appeal to the pink vote, Attitude, the gay magazine, printed half of its 150,000 copies with Cameron’s face on the cover, while the remainder featured a male model in underwear. Sadly, editor Matthew Todd discloses: ‘It looks like it’s sold about 70 per cent to 30 per cent in favour of the model, which is not a good sign considering it was the first and only time he [Cameron] has posed for the cover of a gay magazine.’” And with yet another gaffe in front of a gay magazine’s reporter, he should just avoid the gay press altogether.

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  • jason

    This proves that gay guys are just as superficial and trivial as straight guys.

  • Michael David

    gays can be superficial, yes; but this shows, too, that cameron sucks :P

  • Andy

    The cover with DC on it wasn’t even on the shelf when I bought this. Given the choice I’d like to think I’m not so shallow that I’d just go for the man in pants. Rather I’d like to think that I’m intelligent enough to recognise the Tory’s latent homophobia, lack of sensible policies and determination to drive my country into the ground – and would buy the man in pants so that I didn’t have to look at Cameron’s smug face.

  • Paschal

    Queerty is being unfair by labelling David Cameron a homophobe. He and the Conservative Party aren’t as gay friendly as the Labour Party or the Liberal Democrats but David Cameron is certainly not homophobic. He himself voted in favour if the civil partnership bill and his party supports giving a tax benefit to couples who are married and in civil partnerships. That in itself isn’t a pro-gay measure as the policy is about establishing the tax benefit which currently doesn’t exist but the party includes gay couples in civil partnerships in it. There are openly gay Conservative MPs and there are openly gay Conservatives running at the election. While the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party are more pro-gay and they are better parties in my opinion, the Conservative Party is not bad, including on gay issues. Queerty seems to know nothing about U.K. politics, which is fine, but don’t pretend to.

  • Andy

    @Paschal – except the Conservative think tank (run by Ian Duncan-Smith, whose voting record IS homophobic) suggests that the tax benefits should only be paid to couples with children. While that’s not directly homophobic it does potentially discriminate against gay couples (who are much more likely to be childless).
    As for David Cameron here’s his voting record:
    He’s basically chosen to absent himself, except on a couple of big bills where it would be very noticeable (and even more noticeable if he’d voted against). He did vote against gay rights for adoption. In total he’s voted for gay rights 3 times, against 5 times and absented himself 5 times.
    Finally whatever DC’s views on homosexuality his party is still entrenched in the past and still anti-gay in many ways. The recent debacle from their candidate for Home Office minister proves that.
    Yes Queerty is American, but I think they’re spot on here.

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