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Surprise, surprise: Trump campaign’s newest surrogate is a raging misogynist and homophobe

Via Youtube

Meet Clarence Mason Weaver. Weaver just joined Donald Trump’s 2020 Re-Election Campaign in an advisory for “Black Voices for Trump,” a committee aimed at recruiting voters of color. Maybe it should come as no surprise, but Weaver is also a misogynist and a homophobe.

And no, Weaver wouldn’t disagree with our characterization. In the past, he has wondered “What’s wrong with being homophobic?” He’s also characterized LGBTQ people as “evil.”

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When it comes to women, Weaver blames them for reporting sexual harassment, claiming freedom from harassment is “why we don’t want to be around you in a business.”

But don’t worry, Weaver says he can “work with homosexuals. I’ve worked with a lot of homosexuals. Worked with a lot of them. Political and social things. But I’m not going to stand there and pretend like that’s not a sin. Like you would not — I would not pretend like I don’t sin. I would not pretend, I’m not going to try to fool God to make you feel comfortable. I appear on programs all the time with homosexuals. I will not appear on a program with a homosexual host and pretend like that’s normal.”

Charming guy, that Clarence. His hiring reenforces Donald Trump as the most anti-queer President in history. Nevertheless, some LGBTQ people continue to support Trump, though the hiring of Weaver also reinforces the idea that any rational queer person who supports Trump should seek psychological help.