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Surprise, surprise: Trump can barely pronounce Pete Buttigieg’s name

Surprising absolutely nobody with a working knowledge of his history, Donald Trump struggled to pronounce Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s name during a campaign rally this week.

“We have a young man, Buttigieg,” Trump began. He then sputtered out his strained pronunciation of Buttigieg’s name. “Boot-edge-edge. They say edge-edge,” Trump groused. “He’s got a great chance, doesn’t he?” he continued. “He’ll be great representing us against President Xi of China. I want to be in that room, I want to watch that one.”

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Trump targeting Buttigieg is no coincidence. The openly gay mayor of South Bend, IN said this week that he is better suited to govern than Trump, and that he is more experienced. “I have more government experience than the President of the United States,” Buttigieg said on The Today Show earlier this week. “That might be a low bar, but I also have more executive government experience than the Vice President, and I have more military experience than anybody who’s walked into that office on day one since George H.W. Bush.”

Buttigieg has also called for Trump’s impeachment.

A number of prominent celebrities and personalities have had trouble pronouncing Buttigieg’s name, which derives from Maltese origins. Earlier this month, Oprah Winfrey elicited laughs for referring to the mayor as “Buttabeep, Buttaboop.”