Surprise! Tantrum-Throwing Homophobe Amy Kushnir Is Heading To FOX News

Shocking news out of Texas, folks. Amy Kushnir, the anchorwoman who stormed off set over Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, is making the media rounds. The self-proclaimed “lover of country music and Tex-Mex” will do a sit-down interview with fellow boxed-blonde Megyn Kelly on FOX News tonight.

Kushnir claims her blatantly homophobic comments made Tuesday morning were misunderstood and that she is deeply hurt by the public’s reaction to her bigotry. Seriously, guys, how could you be so intolerant of her intolerance? On yesterday’s episode of The Broadcast, she offered a teary-eyed defense for her behavior, saying:

I feel personally that I was not able to express my opinions appropriately without bein’ interrupted. I felt like I was bein’ painted to be something that I personally was not. Everybody that knows me knows that I love everybody, and I’m a deeply lovin’ person, and I get choked up because I truly love deeply. Um. So with that bein’ said, I felt like I had no choice but to get up, push myself out of the situation because we were goin’ nowhere, as you probably saw, and we have a term around here that we say: we’re goin’ to Midland. And what that means, actually Suzie started this trend, and what that means is we’re going to excuse ourself from the conversation…politely. And that’s what I did. I just decided it was time to go to Midland. And I went to Midland, and I’m back and I’m a happy camper, and I’m ready to move on.

And what better way to “move on” than by jetting off to New York to appear on FOX news?

KTXD, the company that produces The Broadcast, released a statement on its Facebook page in support of Kushnir’s homophobia, writing, in part: “[W]e stand behind both The Broadcast and Ms. Kushnir. We wholeheartedly stand behind our hosts right to voice their opinions as an integral part of our program.”

Her co-hosts, too, have since expressed sympathy for the backlash Kushnir received over her comments, saying she is now a victim of bullying.

Suzie Humphries, who supported Kushnir’s remarks, claims she, too, has been bullied for what she said. According to her, people on social media have called her “ugly” and “turkey neck.” Isn’t that awful? (In all seriousness, while we don’t condone name-calling on Twitter, ageist comments hardly compare to the beatings, stabbings, and other hate crimes still committed against the LGBT community each year.) But the icing on the cake came when Miss Humphries looked straight into the camera and said: “I’m not antigay. I’m not. My best friend was gay.”

Want to see Amy Kushnir dig herself into a deeper hole? Tune in to FOX news this evening. Or don’t and read about it all tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE (1:55PM PST): Our friends over at He Said magazine just sent us this priceless still frame of Miss Kushnir, a “deeply loving” Christian woman, who just days ago claimed to be offended by images of filthy things like people kissing. She seems to be thoroughly enjoying a ride in the arms of two very muscular, half-naked strippers. We hope her husband and children weren’t watching! As Amy herself would say, “Put that in your face! We’re goin’ to Midland!”


UPDATE TWO: Another Queerty reader sent us the video below which shows the dim-witted TV “personality” completely giddy in the presence of hetero male strippers.