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  • Tom D Frog

    David can talk about anything he wants. I would relish being in their company. They are quite a couple.


  • Ben

    Cute but I wish this wasn’t apart of the gay agenda right now.

  • Darth Paul

    I’m pretty impressed they’re capable of carrying on a conversation about ANYTHING for more than 2min. Bravo, I guess.

  • Dubwise

    I can’t imagine listening to David talk for that long…he sounds like Minnie Mouse. He sure is pretty but once he opens his mouth its all over for me.

    It’s is sorta sad when Posh sounds like the more well read of the two, in the relationship.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl is finishing up a book about David Beckham that was initially sanctioned by Beckham’s people (and by “people” that means Simon Fuller), and then Beckham (Fuller) demanded he be paid one million dollars to continue participating, which was refused, and so he backed out. But as the Galaxy’s season collapsed, and it was clear Wahl would finish the book with or without Beckham–and as more Galaxy teammates began to speak more candidly toward the end of the season, Beckham then decided to be incrementally “more available” in one of those well-worn attempts to change what he (Fuller) thinks will be the thematics of the story (celebrity flash over being a good teammate and athlete). All of which is a longwinded rout to saying that as I understand it, Mr. & Mrs. Beckham aren’t bad people–they’re very nice, really–but they’re not rocket scientists, of course, and David Beckham finds it very easy and convenient to say this or that was the fault of his handlers thereby trying to avoid the poo he’s created himself.

  • Key

    Hmm at least an hour long conversation about sunglasses means the spy/friend/guest wasn’t treated to a discussion of the dermatological benefits of smearing bird poo over ones face.

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