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SURVEY: Childless Gay Couples Are Happier Than Straights


A survey of over 5,ooo adults found that gay couples without kids have happier relationships than their straight counterparts.

The Enduring Love? survey was funded by the U.K.’s Economic and Social Research council, and showed not only that childless couples of all orientations in England  were happier than those with kids. Same-sex couples, it turns out, are the happiest of all. Via the L.A. Times:

“Non-heterosexual participants are more positive about and happier with the quality of their relationship…than heterosexual participants,” according to the survey, which later added: “Heterosexual parents are the least likely to be there for each other, to make ‘couple time,’ to say ‘I love you’ to each other, to talk about everything and to pursue shared interests.”

The survey also found that simple gestures of affection were more effective than grand romantic ones in strengthening the bonds of relationships.

According to co-author of the report Dr. Jacqui Gabb:

“Actions really do speak louder than words and many people consider a loving gesture to be as valuable as hearing ‘I love you’. Grand romantic gestures, although appreciated, don’t nurture a relationship as much as bringing your partner a cup of tea in bed, or watching TV together.”

In other words, that over the top wedding proposal complete with flashmob and camera crew you were planning isn’t as necessary as you think it is.

Perhaps there will be a U.S. version of this study soon, but until then we will look to the childless LGB couples of the U.K. as our relationship role models. Remember this story next time that lingering notion of having children comes up again.