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Survivor‘s Shannon Elkins Only Tried Outing Sash To Prove He’s a Liar Too

It was because he was unfairly accused of being the only liar on the tribe, and not because he has a problem with The Gays, that Survivor: Nicaragua‘s Shannon Elkins asked Matthew ‘Sash’ Lenahan at tribal council whether he’s gay. So that makes everything okay!

Digging his inevitably-to-be-short-lived national reputation into a deeper hole (really, we’re all going to forget about this in a week, and only remember what happened when Jeff Probst gives him 30 seconds on the live finale/reunion show), Shannon says viewers didn’t see the events as they actually unfolded. Damn editing!

“They kept trying to tell me I wasn’t honest,” Shannon says of his teammates. “Sash kept blasting me so finally I’d had enough…I didn’t have to ask him if he’s gay. All of America knows the guy’s gay.” (For the record, Sash insists he’s a lady’s man.) “I was trying to prove the guy’s a liar. If [Sash is] gonna lie to y’all about who he really is, he’s a liar. He asked me, ‘When did I lie to you?’ and I said, ‘When you told me you weren’t gay.’ And that’s when it really went down—anybody at Tribal can tell you that. I didn’t call him out on his sexuality, I was calling him out on being a liar. If he’s going to lie to you about who he really is, how can you trust him in the game?”

Ah yes, the “It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Want To Out Yourself On National Television Because I’ll Do It For You Anyway” excuse.

Not that Shannon knew much about Sash to begin with: “Narnia Boy?,” he says of the fella he tried outing. “I don’t even really know Sash, I just stereotyped his ass, just like he stereotyped me, like we all do. We all judge a book by its cover. I didn’t really have any conversations with him besides that good little conversation we had at Tribal Council.”

And as for Shannon’s thoughts on homos? Being gay is “not a big deal. I don’t care. You can be whatever you want. I’m not the judge, God is. I don’t judge anybody I am far from perfect. I’m one of the worst ones out there. Like I said, I wasn’t going after [Sash] for the gay thing, I was trying to prove his character as a liar.”

And there you have it, America. Gay men who might possibly want to keep secret the thing that will get them kicked out of a family, fired at work, or ostracized by their community are now liars.

The scene from this week’s tribal council:

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  • uu

    Well yeah, if, nay, when you tell someone something that you think untrue with the intent to deceive you are, of course, lying. The moral implications of this depend on the circs.

  • Hilarious

    Guys wandering around together in fashion panties calling each other gay.


    K-Mart was all out of boardshorts?

  • Cam

    So the blonde guy that shannon kept calling stupid was smart enough to tell him “Hey, attacking everybody isn’t smart.”

    Shannon is an idiot. It is a game, he isn’t there to meet lifelong buddies, he is there to trick his way into winning 1,000,000 he deserved to get sent home.

  • puck247

    If it wasn’t his intention to slight gays, then why did he a few seconds later say “New York is full of them” and “There are no gay people in Iowa” (or wherever the frakk he’s from). At least the mutha ain’t getting away with a million dollars !

  • mark

    Lying f*cktard…he knew exactly what throwing the gay card would do.

  • scott ny'er

    See. He isn’t a homophobe. He’s just an idiot.

  • ewe

    He is a brat that is not getting what he wants or able to control and dominate the way straight white boy entitlement has raised him. Good riddance. He is the one that is outed for his fragile masculinity he picked up on some Don Johnson rerun.

  • Kieran

    Shannon felt frustrated, threatened and cornered so he did what any insecure American guy would naturally do in that situation……call somebody else gay. Hell, we even see that phenomenon played out here with certain people who use being gay as the worst insult to invoke.

  • YumYum

    I would still suck him off in a heartbeat….

  • Kev C

    The funny thing is Shannon was jealous that a woman was interfering with his male bonding with Chase. Questioning someone else’s sexuality takes the attention off of Shannon’s feelings for Chase.

  • Enron

    For a guy who likes to call people gay, call places gay, want to find out if people are gay, sounds to me like he is “gay”. Not to mention all the gay attribute he has, named Shannon, those succulent nipples of his. Yeah Shannon, I knew what you were up to. ;)

  • j

    @Enron: That’s how I first got spotted as gay. All the other boys in the changing room new as soon as they saw my succulent nipples. Dead give away.

  • Enron

    @j: I wasn’t stereotyping, just pointing out Shannon is just as subject to being described as Gay, just like how he is describing others in the same way without realizing how easy a target he is. Just do a web search using the key words ‘Shannon Elkins – nipples’ and see how many entries come up. I have succulent nips too and I am very proud of them!

  • Soupy

    Never trust a man with ginormous nipples!


    @Cam: 100% Co-sign. If he had kept his mouth shut and not thrown a hissy fit he would not have been voted off. That guy had less game than any other contestant in Survivor history……..

    PS: Am pretty sure most Survivor viewers like myself see the text game “player of the week” and think its a bunch of crap, and no one ever wins that shit. I too thought that untill three seasons ago. I texted and the next day I got a private number on my cell. I usually don’t pick those up but for some reason I did. Turns out it was CBS and I was told as long as I didn’t work for CBS, its affiliates, or Sprint I was the winner of the week……………

    Six weeks later I recieved a check for $10,000.00!………..

  • scott ny'er

    @Soupy: more like ginormous breasts. And when I say breasts, I meant breasts. That doesn’t look like a very masculine chest.

  • Soupy

    He’ll probably end up working at Hooters in Louisiana.

  • McMike

    LOL! Um, hmmm… NYC… Louisiana… Hmmm… It’s a riot with the comparison since anyone in the world will tell you exactly what the difference is and, yes, a lot of gay people living in NYC is what makes it one of the, if not the most, popular city in the world.

    btw, none of those guys give off a 100% straight vibe but I got to give props to the guy for not coming out with a ‘no’ when he was asked if he was gay.

  • timncguy

    So, this is what Shannon says to prove he doesn’t have a problem with “teh gays”

    “And as for Shannon’s thoughts on homos? Being gay is “not a big deal. I don’t care. You can be whatever you want. I’m not the judge, God is. I don’t judge anybody I am far from perfect. I’m one of the worst ones out there. Like I said, I wasn’t going after [Sash] for the gay thing, I was trying to prove his character as a liar.”

    If he doesn’t have any problem with teh gay, what’s all this talk about judging and not being perfect and being what you want like there is a choice to be made?

  • whatever

    why are they both wearing gay underoos? i thought the first pic was an aussie bum advert.

  • fifi

    Shannon is posting his side of it over on Survivor Sucks.

    He isn’t a homophobe. He is just a jerk.

  • Michael

    This show is still airing?

  • Greg Theron

    Hm, a homophobe wearing Pink American Apparel briefs? Yummy.

  • afrolito

    Why is it that whenever a marginally attractive straight guy makes a homophobic comment, gays run out to either reinterpret what he really was trying to say, or claim he’s really gay. because of his name…or the color of his briefs???

  • Hilarious

    @afrolito: Excuse you? I don’t find him remotely attractive, actually I think he’s pretty ugly, but that’s rude so I didn’t say it.

    The guy in the yellow button down shirt and the Chase guy are kinda hot, but I’m assuming straight, and honestly don’t even care because Survivor has sucked hardcore since season 1. If I wanted to watch a bunch of bitches be dramatic I’d turn on a soap.

    The show is full of false advertising down to the name itself.

    And well it’s psych 101 that most homophobia stems from issues within the person. Doesn’t necessarily mean the person is gay, but it’s not a bad guess since so many of them actually are. It’s similar to so many racists being sexually attracted to and/or jealous of those they cry loudest about.

    People don’t waste time talking about topics they aren’t interested in nor do they notice people they aren’t drawn to in some way.

  • afrolito


    People talk about topics they don’t care about all the time. That’s why this, and all internet forums exist. I’m sure a lot of virulent homophobia does stem from some inner turmoil, but I don’t think that’s the simple answer for most homophobia. I think it’s easier for a lot of gays to think every homophobe is a closet case, because it’s easier than believing it’s a ‘natural revulsion’, and that opens up a whole other topic. All I’m saying is, it’s a whole lot more complicated, than ‘Shannon’ wearing a pair of colored underwear.

    And for the record, racists can hate your guts, and still want to fuck your brains out. That’s the story of America.

    Btw, Survivor is still an awesome show. That’s why it’s still around 21 seasons later. :)

  • Soupy

    And the best news? The Amazing Race starts tonight and a woman gets hit in the head with a watermelon!

  • alan brickman

    Shannon’s right…closet cases are the ones screwing up america…and ex-gay is just a glass closet….

  • Soupy

    As an over 40 fan of Survivor, I’m, of course, rooting for the “old” team. It’s so much fun to watch the young’uns implode. I can sit back, remember when I was 20 and say, “uh-huh, there you go…”

  • Soupy

    and oh, if you are a fan, you know that if Russell were on this season, he would have stolen the amputee’s leg in the first episode.

  • aconcernedindividual

    this writer is tarded, sash lives in manhattan, the best place for gays besides san fran. he should have zero problem coming out. stop trying to twist shannon’s words, he’s an intellectually challenged soul whose words are damning on their own. i hope u get fired JD CUZ U SUCK, Soupy should take over ur job, hes way funnier and interesting.

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