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Survivor‘s Shannon Elkins Only Tried Outing Sash To Prove He’s a Liar Too

It was because he was unfairly accused of being the only liar on the tribe, and not because he has a problem with The Gays, that Survivor: Nicaragua‘s Shannon Elkins asked Matthew ‘Sash’ Lenahan at tribal council whether he’s gay. So that makes everything okay!

Digging his inevitably-to-be-short-lived national reputation into a deeper hole (really, we’re all going to forget about this in a week, and only remember what happened when Jeff Probst gives him 30 seconds on the live finale/reunion show), Shannon says viewers didn’t see the events as they actually unfolded. Damn editing!

“They kept trying to tell me I wasn’t honest,” Shannon says of his teammates. “Sash kept blasting me so finally I’d had enough…I didn’t have to ask him if he’s gay. All of America knows the guy’s gay.” (For the record, Sash insists he’s a lady’s man.) “I was trying to prove the guy’s a liar. If [Sash is] gonna lie to y’all about who he really is, he’s a liar. He asked me, ‘When did I lie to you?’ and I said, ‘When you told me you weren’t gay.’ And that’s when it really went down—anybody at Tribal can tell you that. I didn’t call him out on his sexuality, I was calling him out on being a liar. If he’s going to lie to you about who he really is, how can you trust him in the game?”

Ah yes, the “It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Want To Out Yourself On National Television Because I’ll Do It For You Anyway” excuse.

Not that Shannon knew much about Sash to begin with: “Narnia Boy?,” he says of the fella he tried outing. “I don’t even really know Sash, I just stereotyped his ass, just like he stereotyped me, like we all do. We all judge a book by its cover. I didn’t really have any conversations with him besides that good little conversation we had at Tribal Council.”

And as for Shannon’s thoughts on homos? Being gay is “not a big deal. I don’t care. You can be whatever you want. I’m not the judge, God is. I don’t judge anybody I am far from perfect. I’m one of the worst ones out there. Like I said, I wasn’t going after [Sash] for the gay thing, I was trying to prove his character as a liar.”

And there you have it, America. Gay men who might possibly want to keep secret the thing that will get them kicked out of a family, fired at work, or ostracized by their community are now liars.

The scene from this week’s tribal council:

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