In Trans-it To Arizona?

Susan Stanton Job Hunting?

Florida’s loss may be Arizona’s gain.

Rumor has it that Susan Stanton – formerly known as Largo city manager Steve Stanton – applied to manage Tempe, Arizona’s city council.

Tempe officials would not confirm Stanton is a job candidate because they are not disclosing any names except the finalists. Multiple attempts to reach Stanton were unsuccessful. Several City Hall sources identified her as an applicant.

Unlike Largo, which fired Stanton after she announced her sex change, Tempe welcomes trans folk with open arms. It’s one of the three cities in the state which protects trannies from discrimination, reports The Arizona Republic.

The nearly 170,000-strong city also boasts another gay activist: Neil Giuliano serves as mayor for ten years before moving on to GLAADer pastures.