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Suspect Lydell Grant Arrested For Aaron Scheerhoorn’s Brutal Houston Stabbing Murder

Police have nabbed 33-year-old Lydell Grant (pictured, left) on suspicion of brutally stabbing Aaron Scheerhoorn outside a gay Houston nightlcub. Scheerhoorn, whose murder Friday took place in front of multiple witnesses, was seen running away from his killer to Blur Bar, where he pleaded with the staff for help, saying he had been stabbed, before falling to the ground in the parking lot — where he was stabbed several more times by his attacker.

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  • Charlie

    So sad, such a waste.

  • SteveAtlanta

    As a black man, news stories like this make me saddened sometimes for members of our community who can’t raise their children with upstanding, decency, morals, values…after we fought more than anyone for those aspects of life. It’s a damn crying shame. This story broke my heart, I hope justice is served, this don’t sound right one bit, and am happy the clown got caught and will rot in jail. To brutally take someone’s life like that. Filth.

  • Javier V.

    is Queerty trying to be politically correct by not displaying this monseter’s face? show the monster for who he is. let it be exposed. The f8*k…this sort of protecting the villan is ridiculous, and as is the fact that this story gets more press in Texas than on this gay blog.

  • Kev C

    “If you’re a bystander, make sure to step in and help out” – Justin Bieber

  • ILoveDudes

    Okay, Kev C. If I see an assault going on, I’ll be sure to shove Justn Bieber into it.

  • whatever

    @Javier V.: You sound dumb and race baiting. His pic is on here.

  • Gene

    This murderer when convicted should be put into the general population of a maximum security prison where he can become the boy toy of the con boss.

  • ILoveDudes

    IF convicted, Gene. He’s innocent until proven guilty.

  • Gene

    Duh? When he is convicted–he will be deemed guilty and should be put in a maximum security prison for the rest of life. Execution would be too good for him.

  • ILoveDudes

    Probably, yes. BUT, it’s always important to remember that this is just an arrest. And there have been mistaken identities and premature arrests before. I’m not trying to scold you here, though.

  • Kev C

    @ILoveDudes: Sure, where Justin goes, so goes his fans.

    If one person tossed a beer bottle at the attacker instead of gawking like frightened slugs, it may have stopped the attack. Shout, pick up a rock, a bottle and toss it. It happened in Texas, yet no one at the bar had a gun? It kinda pees me off how people don’t get involved when they should.


    @ILoveDudes: Would probably be a good idea, that helmet he wears on his head would offer solid protection………..

  • FromHouston

    I’m from Houston and know where the club is, it caters it a younger crowd – mostly kids 18-22’ish is what the crowd is like in there. And unfortunately alot of thuggish guys of all diff races. I also don’t see why no one intervened ESPECIALLY the door security but from the local news reports this happened sometime after one a.m. Not many people maybe a handful would have been leaving or just entering the bar at that time so there wouldn’t have been a huge crowd outside like there is from 11-12 (it often is fifteen to twenty people deep at those times). Most bars close promptly at 2 a.m. here so it was very late at night for that particular venue. Anyway what I’m trying to say is there is no window or view from the inside at all of the front steps……only the door guys and security guys hang out in the front. So, I have no idea why they did nothing and did not allow him entrance its horrible. There is a balcony just above the front door but people just lounge out there and smoke and direct view of the door is blocked. I hope the bar is sued or closed (or both), I just drove by there yesterday and just the thought of someone passing away on the steps gave me chills.

  • ILoveDudes

    Kev C. , I know. I agree with you. (I’ll admit my joke was tacky).

  • talithakoum

    i’m all for stepping in & helping…but in a situation where (someone like myself who is 5’4″ w/out a weapon) tries to fight off a large man over 6′ tall who is wielding a knife…as a bystander it wouldn’t make much sense to become the 2nd victim. not to blame security, but it seems if anyone could have done something, it would have been them. i agree w/what someone else said, throw a bottle, shoe, hell, whatever, at the murderer. but again, i can see how when something so tragic is happening, it is hard to think logically, “ok, what should i do now?” i can see how bystanders were shocked, stunned (& some possibly drunk or very drunk). God rest aaron’s soul…i’m so sorry for this tragic loss of a young life.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @SteveAtlanta: The attacker being black has nothing to do with this homophobic murder. You don’t need to be saddened that a black man may have committed a homophobic murder. If someone connects the two its because they are ignorant idiots.

  • Wendy

    This happened around 11:30 p.m. and after Aaron ran up pleading for help stating that he had been stabbed he was instructed to sit on the steps (not brought into the bar where he would have been safe)when the suspect approached, Aaron ran off the steps to the right of the front door where he was attacked for the second time. Which really pi**es me off. The security consists of three oversized dumb-a**es.

  • talithakoum

    wendy, i did not know this…that when aaron asked for help, he was instructed to SIT ON THE STEPS?!? OMG dumb_s_ is too nice a word for the idiots at the front door. have they never heard of 911??!! THIS REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY!!! poor aaron…this is one reason that montrose needs stepped-up security BADLY & NOW.

  • craig

    Shame on people at Blur for not stepping in.
    Shame on the door people at Blur for not saving this kids life. Shame on this stalker freak – I hope his ugly trolly ass rots in Huntsville prison for a few years until they get rid of him.

    Such a tragic story. RIP AARON – you were a beautiful sweet man.

  • Clifford

    @Kev C: Carrying a gun in a bar is against the law in Texas, and despite what you might have heard, most Texans follow that law–especially gay ones.

  • Ruhlmann

    @ILoveDudes: hehe

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