Suspected Halifax Killer Arrested In Texas

Canadian Glen D. Race remains in custody after being picked up near the Mexican border for the murder of a New York man, Darcy Manor. Police found Manor’s bullet-ridden body five-days ago in Mooers, NY. Canadian police claim that 26-year old killed openly gay Trevor Brewster last Wednesday, May 9, and then stole his car, which he used to cross into America. They go on to claim that Race then killed Manor, stole his car and hightailed it toward Mexico.

Considering the similarities between Brewster’s murder and that of another gay man, Michael Knott, Canadian officials believe Race also killed Knott. Newsday elaborates:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Wednesday the same man from Halifax has been charged with two earlier murders in Nova Scotia, as well as robbery counts.

RCMP officials said Race has been charged in Canada with the murders of Trevor Brewster, 45, and Paul Michael Knott, 44.

Another report, however, makes no mention of charges. One thing’s for sure: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police want justice. And they want it like whoa