Suspected Killer Luka Magnotta In Solitary, Not Fighting Extradition

Recently captured murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta won’t fight extradition from Germany to Canada, where he faces first-degree murder and other charges stemming from the gruesome killing, molestation and dismemberment of a Montreal college student.

Magnotta, 29, is suspected of killing Jun Lin, 33, whose dismembered torso was found inside a locked suitcase abandoned near Magnotta’s apartment. He was arrested at a Berlin Internet café yesterday, where according to the CBC, he was reading articles about himself.

Magnotta may also be brought up on charges of threatening the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as at least one of the body parts he mailed out was sent to Harper’s Conservative Party headquarters.

Authorities report he opted for solitary confinement rather than be housed with the general prison population (wise choice). Its not clear, though, exactly when Magnotta will be sent back to Canada.

A German judge was expected to visit Magnotta in a Berlin jail Tuesday to speak to the Canadian about his detention and the procedure for extradition.

Chief Supt. Stefan Redlich of the Berlin police told CBC News that Magnotta will be visited at a time set by the judge rather than leave the jail to appear in court.

The judge will decide whether Magnotta will continue to be held in Berlin or be transferred to another facility, where he could be held for months, depending on the extradition process, reported the CBC’s Laura Lynch from Berlin.

Just in case you were wondering, Canada outlawed the death penalty in 1976.