Domestic terrorist

Suspected pipe bomber once worked as male stripper, threatened to infect other dancers with HIV

This just in: Cesar A. Sayoc, the crazed Trump supporter suspected of mailing pipe bombs to liberal politicians, including former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, used to work as a male stripper. Not just that, but he allegedly threatened to kill and infect other dancers with HIV.

TMZ reports that Sayoc worked as a male stripper from 1996-2000 and that he traveled around the country in his van going from gig to gig.

TMZ reports:

We’re told Cesar’s time as a stripper was tumultuous … on several occasions, he threatened other dancers and was constantly jealous of colleagues who were making more money than him or diminishing his presence on stage.

According to dancers who worked with him … Cesar once threatened to stab another dancer with a syringe loaded with HIV-infected blood.

We’re told Cesar once got so jealous of a rival dancer, he taped tuna can lids to the bottom of his boots and threatened to stomp the dancer’s face and cut him up. When people laughed at him, he became enraged and said, “Just wait. I’m going to take this guy out.”

One of Sayoc’s friends from the time, retired male stripper David Crosby, tells Sun-Sentinel that he wasn’t always crazy.

“He really wasn’t a bad guy,” Crosby recalls. “We were friends, we were boys, we traveled in the same van, slept in the same room.”

Crosby does acknowledge Sayoc had a temper, going from “zero to 100” quickly, and that “if he wasn’t happy about something, he would definitely let you know”, but, in general, he didn’t seem like a terrorist.

“When I think of the guy I knew and the guy I see now on MSNBC, CNN and at Trump rallies, I think, ‘Did he really slip?'”

Clearly, he did!

Last week, Sayoc was federally charged with mailing at least 13 pipe bombs to government officials. He is scheduled to appear before a judge later today.

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