Suspended, Anti-Gay NJ Teacher Viki Knox Sorry About That Whole Facebook Thing

You may remember that our most recent Douche of the Week, New Jersey teacher Viki Knox filled a 36-page Facebook comment thread about her high school’s LGBT History Month display with long-winded rants calling homosexuality a sinful cancer, gay parenting an unnatural immoral behavior, and comparing LGBT History Month to teaching young kids how to masturbate and become hookers. Well she doesn’t have much to say now that she’s suspended from teaching and under investigation.

Mrs. Know It All kept quiet during her exclusive interview with CBS News because her school advised her to STFU (good idea). However, her husband spoke on her behalf and provided one new piece of information: while she doesn’t take back anything she said, she might rethink ever posting it on Facebook again.

Teaching the teacher??! That’s progress!

The school held a hearing recently with parents, activists, and students to decide Mrs. Knox’s fate, but her future remains uncertain. We’d start praying if we were you, Mrs. Cancer.

You notice how the National Organization for Marriage hasn’t made Mrs. Knox their latest victim yet? Is it possible that there are some people too crazy for NOM to promote? Seems hard to believe seeing as they support a rabbi who thinks gay marriage causes earthquakes and murdered children.