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Suspended Antigay Justice Roy Moore’s Son Arrested For 8th Time In 5 Years


The justice system in Alabama seems to be working about as well as you would expect: While Judge Roy Moore insists he should be allowed to stop gay couples from marrying, his son is busy getting arrested for the eighth time. And no, he’s never served any jail time.

We don’t know exactly why he was arrested, but one source says he was hunting without a license on private property. In the past, it’s been a few drug offenses, a touch of domestic violence, and a sprinkle of DUIs. Where could he have picked up this behavior?

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Despite having been removed from the bench, his father is appealing the decision and refusing to move his personal furniture items from his office, much to the annoyance of his colleagues.

The idea that the law doesn’t apply to them is clearly pervasive in this family. And they’re not wrong: Roy was removed once already and was nevertheless able to return to work simply by running for office again. Voters in Alabama being what they are, his previous violations of the constitution didn’t disqualify him for the highest judicial office in the state.

Now his son is following in his footsteps. If he’s really been hunting without a license, perhaps we’ll see him heading The Alabama Department of Fish & Game in a few years.

Or perhaps his DUIs will qualify him to oversee Alabama’s Department of Transportation.

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As for those domestic violence charges? He could manage a woman’s shelter while his father tours the country giving speeches about how to raise a strong family.

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