Suspicious White Powder Sent to CA Government Offices

Packages containing a powdery white substance (later determined to be rat poison) were received at five offices of the California Children and Family Services Department on Monday. There were no injuries. Similar packages were sent to two Mormon Temples and and an office owned by the Knight of Columbus last week. The FBI has determined that the substance found in the earlier packages is “not any kind of biological agent or toxin or even a new strain”. Many gay rights groups have denounced the act. [NTI]

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  • jeffk

    Sounds like someone is trying to make it look like it came from the no on 8 side. This is more of a tactic of the yes on 8 side. So sad. So much hate in the world.

  • Robert

    I really hope this isn’t some misguided attempt by someone in our ‘camp’ so to speak.

    It would do way more harm then good.

  • Eclipse

    Nah, 10 bucks it’s some homophobe who thinks people will buy this shit. I mean, the California Children and Family Service Dept? Clearly someone looking to stir up ire against the gays. No gay rights activist would do something so stupid.

  • Doug

    Doesn’t matter which side it’s coming from, whoever did this is in for it big time once the FBI finds out who it is.

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