Suze Orman Prefers Politics To Economy

Lesbian money guru Suze Orman told Larry King last night that she’s more concerned with a equality-minded president than simple economics. And the politics are coughing up the goods:

ORMAN: …No bones about it, I want a Democrat to win.

KING: Now, why? Historically, I thought Republicans helped the economy.

ORMAN: Yes. But, you know, I’m more than just somebody for the economy. I’m somebody for the people. And I have a true belief that, you know, that Senator Clinton or Barack Obama – Senator Obama – would be more helpful.

Especially for somebody like me. I mean it is�it is no secret that, you know, I’m in a same sex relationship and have been for a long time. And I would like to see a president give the rights for somebody like me to be able to leave my partner all the money I’ve accumulated without estate tax.

Estate tax is especially important to Orman, she says, because she and her girlfriend have a combined gajillion-billion dollars and they don’t want the government getting none of it!