Somebody Get Us A Drink

Svedka Aims Low

We used to find Svedka‘s ad campaign intriguing, but we’ve grown a bit tired of their Isaac Asimov inspired gender bending.

As copyranter points out, they’ve marketed toward gays, straights and lesbians, but the model remains the same: that seemingly blissful female robot. Now that synthetic bitch’s aiming for a new social group, the so-called “homometrosexual”. Copyranter wonders if that means closet cases. We think it means fuckwad shitheads, like the person who thought up these ridiculous adverts.

While we’re on the subject of Svedka – they’re the official liquor sponsor of New York City’s gay pride. They’ll be boozing the boys up, getting down with the dykes – the works! The only problem is that they haven’t got any go-go boys for their float.

Thus, Queerty contributor and Svedka flack Jimmy Im has asked us to pass on his email address to anyone interested in making some dough on gay pride. Hit him up: