SW Airlines Say They Booted Leisha Hailey For Swearing, Not Kissing… And That Pigs Fly

Southwest Airlines originally said that they ejected The L Word actress Leisha Hailey for “excessively” kissing her girlfriend. Now they’re saying that they booted her for using “loud profanity” when a flight attendant asked them to stop. But the fact that a flight attendant said anything at all still proves that Southwest employees have a lot to learn when it comes to gay passengers.

Here’s the deal: Southwest says that they initially approached Hailey “solely on behavior” because other passengers found her lady-kissing “excessive,” but one web commenter notes, “Passengers are much more likely to find kissing “excessive” if it takes place between a same-sex couple than they are if it’s a straight couple.” Plus, Southwest’s original statement makes it unclear if they approached Hailey because of her kissing or because of customers complaining about her kissing.

Since Southwest said that they received “several passenger complaints” about Hailey’s kiss, they’ve obviously caved into their customers’ homophobia.

Hailey called the kiss between her and her girlfriend “a modest kiss.” Unless the women were hungrily devouring each other’s faces while feeling one another up to Basement Jaxx’s “Twerk,” it’s hard to imagine what they could have done that a fellow passenger would have found “excessive if done by a straight couple.

So whether Hailey swore or not isn’t nearly as important as the fact that the flight attendants might have had to good reason to approach her to begin with.