Swedish Homophobes Attack Gay Art


Those Swedish nationalists sure do love anti-gay destruction. An unnamed group of hooligans took it upon themselves to destroy artist Andres Serrano’s photography show at Sweden’s Kulturen Gallery. Not satisfied with simply shattering Serrano’s vision – which they call “degenerate” – these punks taped the havoc. NY Times elaborates:

By the time the masked men had finished, half the show – seven 50-by-60-inch photographs, worth some $200,000 over all – had been destroyed. The men left behind leaflets reading, “Against decadence and for a healthier culture.” The fliers listed no name or organization.

“I was shocked and horrified,” Mr. Serrano said…

See? This is what happens when so-called activists become art critics.

[PS: Note scary death metal soundtrack. How infantile and trite.]