Fredrick Federley's Saturday Night Turned Bloody

Swedish Politico In Anti-Gay Attack

A Swedish politician went out for a hot dog, but found a knuckle sandwich, instead. Centre Party member Fredrick Federley and his equally gay pals had just left a nightclub and were looking for a midnight snack when a seven-strong gang shouted, “Here come the fags”. And, no, they weren’t the welcome wagon:

“Then they screamed that we were disgusting and a threat to Sweden and that they were going to beat us up,” said Federley.

Just as he tried to convince his assailants that fighting was a bad idea, he was struck with a punch to the left jaw.

“I calmly told them that I wasn’t going to fight, as that would make me no better than them,” said Federley.

He then received three more blows before one of the gang managed to control the most aggressive member.

Federley says this is the first time he’s been subject to an anti-gay attack, but his friends, unfortunately, have encountered similar violence in the past.

Sweden’s long been a progressive nation, but the skinhead culture seems intent on some social regression.