Swedish Surfer Offers Hand In Marriage To Any Man Or Woman Looking To Flee Trump’s America


Well isn’t this kind: a hunky surfer in Sweden has offered to marry any American of any gender to help them flee Trump’s America.

Sadly, there’s only one of him to go around, so he may have difficulty choosing from eager ex-pats. The guy’s name is Gustav Hallén, and he’s not heading to the altar for free: bidding starts at $50,000 on eBay.

This violates all kinds of rules, from eBay’s prohibitions on what you can auction (you can’t sell humans, imagine that) to Sweden’s rules on what constitutes a legitimate reason to marry. But still, it’s a nice gesture that we can all appreciate.

And those technicalities are not lost on Hallén.

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“I noticed the reactions to the election result on Facebook — people were upset so I just thought I would do something fun for my friends to laugh at,” he told CNN. “I set the price so high that I wouldn’t get an offer. It was just for fun. Then I saw a lot of people were sharing it. The best thing was the reaction. People laughed at it.”

This jokey performance-art could get out of hand depending on how bad things get in the U.S. under Trump (or hey, they might be good, you never know). Gustav is himself quite the looker. If his Instagram is any indication, he’s legitimately a catch. And with Trump or without, there’s no arguing that Sweden’s a far better country than America.


Tack för i år Varberg ?? ???? #varberg #apelviken #surfskolan #aldrigvila #surf #goodvibes #byebye

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Haj haj ? #morgonbad #havet #apelviken #varberg #sommar #vpbilden #icaniwill #aldrigvila #sälfie

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Två ? svansar från förra helgen. #varberg #ocean #selfie #tgif #varberg #fredag #surf #surfskolan

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