Swedish “Vampire” Slits Boyfriend’s Throat, Drinks His Blood

28309652921e423b3a5e1cbdcf655606ee1373d7387af3b2e1ca25939aee3a13A 23-year-old Swedish man has been accused of slashing his 32-year-old lover’s throat then drinking his blood and using it to draw a pentagram on his living room wall.

“When I saw the blood I had a vision that I had to drink it,” the accused said in court this week.

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The incident happened back in June at the accused’s apartment in Stockholm. Shortly after killing his lover, he reported himself to police.

The man, who suffers from a “serious psychiatric disorder,” spent nearly 15 hours being interrogated, during which he confessed to manslaughter but not murder and said he committed the crime after the voices in his head told him to.

“In the light of his psychological ill health this is a deed that can only be classified as manslaughter,” his lawyer Jonas Granfelt told media earlier this week.

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But prosecutor Pär Andersson isn’t buying it. He believes the killing was premeditated, saying investigators found Google searches on his computer for “cut throat” and “sentry killing.”

“I believe that it is a fairly common argument in cases like this that you hear voices of various kinds,” Anderson told media. “A more likely motive may have been to hid this sexual relationship they had. A relationship which he, in several police interrogations, denied they had had before he confirmed it and said he was ashamed of it.”

The trial continues.

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h/t: The Local