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Were These 2 Men Kicked Out of a San Francisco Wine Bar For Kissing? Or Getting Naked?


Remember when that El Paso restaurant kicked out two men who dared kiss on their premises? Turns out something similar allegedly went down in San Francisco’s Laurel Heights district. Except this incident comes with a crazy ass statement from the bar, Internos Wine Cafe, alleging the man who smooched also began to disrobe.

Boyfriends Joshua Barry and Sebastian Schilbe’s version of what went down the night of July 31 — they asked if there was an ATM, were told no, then shared a smooch before being called “faggots” and “perverts” by the bar’s owner — differs quite a bit from Internos’ account. This was posted on the website of Internos (describe by one Yelp reviewer as “Small and WAY too Yuppie”). Emphasis ours:

We are deeply saddened by an event that took place on Friday, July 31st at our establishment at around midnight. Two gentlemen entered the bar and asked the whereabouts of the nearest ATM machine. The staff then informed them that there was an ATM two blocks away. They said thank you and proceeded to go and use the
single stall bathroom together. They did not order anything from our bar. After exiting the bathroom they walked through the establishment as if to leave. It was then brought to our attention by paying customers at the bar that there was some
inappropriate behavior taking place. It was observed by the bar full of 10-12 people that these two men were making out, hands in each other’s pants and began disrobing from the waist down. At that point a staff member stepped out from behind the bar quickly to get their attention. He first asked them to leave and then had to escort them out of the bar forcefully when the two men became confused and aggressive. There were absolutely no derogatory terms exchanged. The two men were acting inappropriately and were disrupting the peaceful operation of our establishment.

The Saturday night after the fracas, some 50 folks appeared outside Internos and staged one of America’s fastest growing pop-up parties: the kiss in.

Let’s just hope this event is another scenario where gays cry wolf, like Nick Haramis apparently did in New York City. But from the sound of Internos’ own statement, which claims Barry and Schilbe “began disrobing from the waist down,” it sounds preposterous to believe the restaurant’s claim. We think.