Swimwear Sightings At Disney World’s Gay Days


Every year, thousands of gay men and women flock to Orlando, Florida for the annual Gay Days at Disney. If you don’t know, Gay Days started in the early 90s when a bunch of homosexuals decided to adorn themselves with red t-shirts and take over the Magic Kingdom.

Now Gay Days is a week-long celebration, and this year The Underwear Expert was on the scene (both at the parks and at the pool parties). Check out the gallery below to see some of this summer’s swimwear styles from one of the most magical weekends of the year.

For more photos of the trends and boys at Gay Days, visit The Underwear Expert.

Photo Credit: John McCourt for The Underwear Expert

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  • moth dust

    Gay Day at Disneyland began in the 70s and was organized by the Gay Bar Association as a great act of civil protest that surprised and bothered Disney and everyone. I should know. I was there! PLEASE-Do your homework and be more respectful of Gay History!

  • Jerry

    of course ,they went after the kiddy park, why don’t they take over a nascar race ?

  • Gigi Gee

    I’ll take a double dose of #3.

  • moth dust

    Since you are interested in this, Jerry, I will tell you that the protest action had to do with discrimination. If you have ever experienced discrimination, then you would understand why people feel a need to protest it if they are courageous enough. Are you suggesting that Nascar is a discriminating anti-gay establishment?

  • ouragannyc

    This does not look like disney.
    It looks like Palm Spring.

  • ShowMeGuy

    @Jerry: Another little bit of *gay history* for you. This “gay day” thing at Disneyworld started out as nothing more than a small group of friends….whom happened to be gay….kicking off the start of Summer with a visit to Disneyworld. Each year, more friends joined them…then it was friends of those friends joining in on the trip. BOOM it is now a major event.
    And I saw what you were doing with the whole **went after the kiddy park** and “take over a nascar race” thingy.
    Shame on you, you fauxmerican.

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