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We’re swiping right on these funny & relatable tweets about Grindr pics

Shirtless man taking selfie

As illustrated by the tweets below, choosing a Grindr profile photo can be a daunting task! What if your matches don’t think you look like your pics? What if your pics aren’t slutty enough for the Grindr audience? What if you upload a new pic and your crush still doesn’t tap your profile? And—shudder—what if your Grindr pic is used for your obituary?!

If it helps, Reddit users recently gave selfie tips in a thread about Grindr best practices.

“Use current photographs and try to make yourself and surroundings attractive for whom you’re into,” one user wrote. “(Looking at you dirty mirror/hard water stains bathroom guys.)”

Another Redditor also advised against bathroom mirror selfies (“the worst”). “Get natural pics,” that user recommended. “Ask friends to take photos when you’re laughing, et cetera, and not posing. They always turn out much better and give a better all-around image.”

And a third person recommended not posing in formalwear or even long-sleeved shirts. “This isn’t a job interview,” that user wrote. “Overdressing in your profile picture is a death sentence for your profile because what it says is, ‘I want a long-term-relationship, I won’t just hook up, and I want lots and lots and lots of your time before we get anywhere,’ whether that’s actually true or not.”

Now, onto the tweets—including posts from guys who found themselves included in or cropped out of other people’s Grindr photos, and photos of famous figures who might as well be Grindr users!

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