SXSW Round Up: What We Liked

South By Southwest is the premiere music festival for “discovering” new talent–bands from all around the world flock to tiny little Austin, TX, to fill the numerous downtown bars and theaters and play their hearts out in the hopes of signing with a label, or introducing themselves to new fans.

We arrived at the festival with our energy drinks in tow, ready for marathon days and late nights as we tried to soak in as much as we could; and after hearing more bands than we can comprehend, we compiled a list of our five favorites. We’ll feature one each day. Some have been around, some are new, some are new only to America–but we hope to hear more from all of them.

1) Goldfrapp
goldfrapp.jpegBritish “electro-rock” Goldfrapp is a mix of disco, synthesizers, and glam-rock; perhaps resembling a re-tooled Debbie Harry (from Blondie), Allison Goldfrapp’s breathy lyrics seem slow at first, but it’s a more subliminal vibe. By the end of the song you’re singing along and you don’t even realize it. This is the music you’ll hear when you go to gay cocktail parties. Very glamorous, total diva, authentically British, Allison Goldfrapp will pick up in America where the Scissor Sisters left off.

Play song: White Horse (our favorite)
Play song: Ooh La La