SXSW Who We Liked: Coco Solid

Part 3 in the South By Southwest Series

coco solid 1.jpgNew Zealand-based Coco Solid labels themselves as hip hop artists, combining heavily-produced house music with rap lyrics. We’re not familiar with the New Zealand music scene, but we wouldn’t call Coco Solid “hip hop.” We say it’s electroclash. Not that it matters. We love the odd beats and the random lyrics. Pure, sexy fun.

We hung out with the Coco Solid crew after their set, introducing ourselves to all the gays who work for them (love their sexy New Zealand accents!), and we promised we would come down for Gay Ski Week in September. And hopefully we’ll be able to catch their performance again while we’re there. Already a hit Down Under, they’re just starting to take to the Northern Hemisphere; this is the music you’d listen to in a club somewhere in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, with hot skinny artsy guys who you know are great in bed. Yeah, we’ve thought about this a lot. Those accents got us in the mood.

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