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Sydney’s Hungry Revelers Didn’t Let One Man’s Throat Slashing Get In The Way of Their Kebabs

Yesterday we noted that the New South Wales police, responsible for keeping things in order at Sydney Mardi Gras, considered this year’s crackdown on violent acts to be a success. Because there was only one police assault and two stabbings. And then we found out just how brutal (and aren’t they all) one of those stabbings was, and it’s like, how can anyone with a straight face say “Good job” on this?

Can any police force stop every violent act? No. But let’s not gloss over the brutal attack of a 25-year-old man, whose throat was slashed with a beer bottle at the Four Seasons Chicken Spot, staining the floor with his blood.

In the attack at the 4 Seasons Chicken Spot, the 25-year-old was slashed in the throat by an unidentified male. “There was a pretty huge Tongan Samoan bloke and a little fella,” a witness who gave her name only as Jamie said. “The little fella smashed a bottle and he slashed the Tongan across the neck. It cut an artery and the blood was spurting.”

Another woman applied towels to the victim’s neck to stem the bleeding until he was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital. The wound required 35 stitches. Police spoke to him briefly yesterday but he was still under sedation. His attacker, described as in his late 20s to early 30s, Middle Eastern or Islander in appearance with balding or short hair, was still on the run last night.

The kebab shop continued serving customers — and customers continued buying food — despite the sea of red staining their floor. And the glass in front of the food.

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