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Sydney’s Hungry Revelers Didn’t Let One Man’s Throat Slashing Get In The Way of Their Kebabs

Yesterday we noted that the New South Wales police, responsible for keeping things in order at Sydney Mardi Gras, considered this year’s crackdown on violent acts to be a success. Because there was only one police assault and two stabbings. And then we found out just how brutal (and aren’t they all) one of those stabbings was, and it’s like, how can anyone with a straight face say “Good job” on this?

Can any police force stop every violent act? No. But let’s not gloss over the brutal attack of a 25-year-old man, whose throat was slashed with a beer bottle at the Four Seasons Chicken Spot, staining the floor with his blood.

In the attack at the 4 Seasons Chicken Spot, the 25-year-old was slashed in the throat by an unidentified male. “There was a pretty huge Tongan Samoan bloke and a little fella,” a witness who gave her name only as Jamie said. “The little fella smashed a bottle and he slashed the Tongan across the neck. It cut an artery and the blood was spurting.”

Another woman applied towels to the victim’s neck to stem the bleeding until he was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital. The wound required 35 stitches. Police spoke to him briefly yesterday but he was still under sedation. His attacker, described as in his late 20s to early 30s, Middle Eastern or Islander in appearance with balding or short hair, was still on the run last night.

The kebab shop continued serving customers — and customers continued buying food — despite the sea of red staining their floor. And the glass in front of the food.

[Daily Telegraph]

(Thanks, Sebastian!)

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  • The Milkman

    Those must be DELICIOUS kebabs.

  • DrJRobinson

    Everyone has to eat.

  • Michael

    How very Sydney…

  • jason

    Oxford St is a hole. Many of the food outlets are owned by homophobic Middle Eastern or Asian proprietors who don’t give a rat’s about gay rights. All they want is the money of gay people.

    The gay people are stupid for supporting these enterprises. You’d be better off giving your money to the litany of drunken hobos who dot the street.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux

    oh Prison Island. . .

  • Lush

    While it true that Oxford street in Sydney has gone a bit down hill in the last few years. less gay friendly and more crap attitude and food is certainly well below the standards we used to enjoy before partying our bits of all night long…I do feel the need to point out, This Kebab shop is in the completely different suburb of Kings Cross. Several miles (Kilometers in our local language) from the Mardi Gras Parade Route. Only the Hetromen looking for Hookers and drugs hang out in Kings Cross on a saturday night. I dont think there has been a decent gay night out in the Cross for 2 decades.

  • truth

    @Lush – this kebab shop was on Darlinghurst Rd, and lots of homos live in the area. And it’s not several miles away “in a completely different suburb” from the Mardi Gras Parade route, it’s in Kings Cross, the neighbourhood right next door to Darlinghurst, and only minutes walk from Oxford St. If the kebab shop was a couple of hundred metres further south it would be *in* Darlinghurst. Pretending everything is OK in Sydney and our gayborhoods is not going to help us.

  • delurker

    @jason: god. shut up. you are an insufferable prick even by queerty standards.

  • sydneyisatoilet

    Sydney has become such a toilet. And yes, that includes the gay ‘community’ (*especially* Sydney’s gay community). Sydney’s gay community = a pack of drug-fucked selfish, sex-crazed, barebacking animals, and nothing proves it more than Mardi Gras. No wonder those guys aren’t bothered by a bit of blood.

  • Harry

    I heard the stabbing was an official Mardi Gras event with guys on all fours meant to lick up the blood as part of a ‘sex positive demonstration of alternative sexual practices’ – only they got held up at a barebacking snuff party orgy on the way.

  • jason

    I tend to agree that Sydney’s gay scene has become extremely promiscuous and just an excuse for a party with drugs. There are also too many drag queens with mental issues. I find it bizarre that a gay man would want to look at a drag queen performing all night long.

    Perhaps what’s needed is a broom. A big, wide broom that will clean up the joint and put in gay people with values who actually care about the issue of gay rights rather than drugs and easy sex.

  • sal(the original)

    omg why?

  • Lush


    I didn’t say Kings Cross wasn’t a Homo habitat. I have some lovely friends in the area. I am very familiar with the ‘gaybourhoods” I have partied in all of them for decades. What I was trying to say albeit not as clearly as I thought, That there are not really any Gay specific Clubs in that strip and it seemed odd to me to call this incident Mardi Gras Related. Plus that Kebab shop (And yes they are great kebabs) is a good 20 minutes walk from the Oxford street parade route. Thats about 1.5 to 2km. And yes it is right next door suburbwise but I think you missed my point this shop is just not not close enough geographically to the Mardi Gras itself. This is of course only an opinion. Some people might enjoy standing 5 hours waiting for the floats to go past and then walk another 20-30 minutes down Darlinghurst Road to get a Kebab in the next suburb as there are only 10 or so Kebab shops on Oxford street itself. However Violence against anyone at anytime is a terrible thing and The poor man who was hurt most certainly did not deserve what he got. No-one does in any suburb, gay straight or moderately twisted.

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