New Campaign Targets Gays

Syphilis “Crisis” In Arizona

Arizonian queers are being blamed for a startling spike in the state’s syphilis levels:

State health officials are spending $100,000 largely to tell gay men to get tested and, if necessary, treated for syphilis.

The cash from the state’s Health Crisis Fund, authorized by Gov. Janet Napolitano, comes after what she said is an increase in cases of the sexually transmitted disease. In particular, the governor said the number of cases in Maricopa County for the first six months of 2007 is 25 times higher than it was seven years earlier.

“The gay community, especially in Maricopa County, is where the bulk of the epidemic is now,’’ said Wil Humble, the state’s assistant director of public health.

Dirty whores and their johns are also named as prime transmitters of the nasty bacteria (pictured, looking nasty).