Syracuse University ‘Considering’ Paying Gay Staff More For Tax Inequalities


“Because federal law doesn’t recognize gay marriage, Wrigley and other same-sex couples pay taxes on their SU benefits, healthcare and tuition costs, unlike their heterosexual married colleagues. […] To combat this inequality, SU may consider providing what’s called “grossing up” to its employees. The university would pay Wrigley and other same-sex couples more to make up for the extra government taxes. This would ensure all employees pay the same amount for the same coverage. A movement to guarantee equal benefits for all couples at SU began approximately three years ago through the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns Committee in the University Senate, SU’s governing body of faculty and staff. But gay partners still pay more for their benefits today, despite the committee’s lobbying. SU also requires heterosexual couples to be legally married to receive any benefits.” [Daily Orange]