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T.J. Osborne accidentally outed himself to his brother in the most relatable (and embarrassing) way

Image: YouTube

It’s a tale as old as time, or rather a tale as old as the mid ’90s.

Out country music star T.J. Osborne of the Brothers Osborne recently revealed how he unwittingly outed himself to his brother and bandmate, John Osborne. And if the same thing didn’t happen to you, we’d wager it happened to at least a few people you know.

Speaking with SiriusXM’s The Highway, T.J. said John already knew he was gay before he said the words.

“When he saw my internet history, he kind of knew,” T.J. explained.

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While he didn’t go into specifics about what popped up in his browsing history, it’s not hard to imagine what sort of content might have given it away. It was obviously this article offering 7 tips for coming out to your sibling, right? What else could it have been?!

After he shared the story, T.J., John and the interviewer all bust out laughing, and T.J. said he made himself blush. So okay, it probably wan’t that coming out article.

T.J. came out publicly in February 2021, though he was out to his family for some time before then.

“He was very open and candid about it, and I was emotional, because my brother was finally able to be completely honest with me about who he was,” John said at the time of TJ’s coming out. “If I had to have all my money and success erased for my brother to be truly fulfilled in life, I wouldn’t even think about it. Not for a second.”

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Later that year, T.J. introduced the world to his boyfriend, Abi Ventura, via Instagram after the couple made history with an adorable on-camera kiss at the Country Music Awards.

The brothers took home the Duo of the Year Award at the show–their fourth win in the category. As the pair took to the stage, John snagged a kiss from his wife Lucie Silvas, and TJ kissed Ventura. The evening marked the first time the pair appeared in public together, and the first time Osborne shared a kiss with a man on camera.

Earlier this year, T.J. penned just about the sweetest birthday message to Ventura you’ll ever read